Bed and Craftでは、KIN-NAKATenNEMITUの3棟をまるごと貸し切り、特別な通路でつなぐ「TOMOE貸切りプラン」があります。



Bed and Craftラウンジに隣接する飲食店nomi が今春リニューアルしたことに伴い、ケータリングサービスの内容も一新いたしました。地元の食材を使った創作イタリアンをベースに、燻製料理などの品々をお楽しみください。


地元のクラフトビールNAT BREW.の生ビール、ワイン、ハイボール、サワー、お茶、ノンアルコールビール、ジュース

基本料金 100,000円(税込)


・キャンセル条件は、Bed and Craftのキャンセル条件に準じます。

1. 公式サイトの予約ページから、宿泊棟「TOMOE」をお選びください。
2. お客様情報入力ページ「概要欄」に、「ケータリング希望」とお書き添えのうえ、ご予約にお進みください。
3. 当館からの返信を持ってご予約完了です。ご希望人数に沿ってお見積り料金をご提示致します。


nomi’s catering service renewed!

Bed and Craft offers the TOMOE charter plan, where three buildings – KIN-NAKA, TenNE and MITU – are rented out in their entirety and connected by a special passageway.

The plan offers the use of three buildings plus special connection rooms in the basement and on the ground floor.
It is recommended for large groups of people who want to share the same space, such as families, relatives, groups of friends or workmates on workcations.

If you’re going to spend time in a private space, how about a catering service to make your stay even more enjoyable?
The catering service has been renewed in conjunction with the renovation of the restaurant nomi next to the Bed and Craft Lounge this spring. Enjoy creative Italian cuisine based on local ingredients, smoked dishes and other items.

*Contents and prices
Meal details (ex.)
Prosciutto fruit, 2 types of bruschetta, chips & nuts, pasta, pizza, salad, meat dishes, seafood dishes

Draft beer from local craft brewery NAT BREW, wine, highballs, sours, tea, non-alcoholic beer, juices

Basic fee
JPY 100,000  (incl. tax)
-The basic fee includes the above meal + drinks (for up to 10 adults), table setting and other arrangement fees, and consumption tax.
-For 11 or more persons, an additional fee of JPY 8,800 (incl. tax) per person will be charged.

-Arrangements for less than 9 persons are available on request for the payment of the basic fee.
-Please make a reservation at least 10 days in advance.
-Please note that we may not be able to accept bookings depending on the availability of the nomi restaurant.
-Cancellation conditions are in accordance with Bed and Craft’s cancellation conditions.
21 days before: 30%.
14 days before: 50%.
7 days before: 100%.
Changes of number of persons can be made up to 3 days in advance.

*How to book
1. Select accommodation block ‘TOMOE’ from the reservation page on the official website.
2. In the ‘Summary column’ of the guest information input page, write ‘Catering request’ and proceed to make a reservation.
3. Your booking is complete when you receive a reply from the hotel. We will provide you with a price estimate based on the number of people you wish to cater for.